Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs

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Get on top of your news feeds with the only Mac newsreader that learns what you like.

Contractor: The Mental Faculty

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Snippet Edit

Snippet Edit empowers you to take control of Xcode's built-in code snippets!

Personal project: Cocoaholic

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Discover new music with the integrated Spotify Player while reading all about the latest pop news.

Contractor: PINCH

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"Mijksenaar’s 99 do’s & don’ts of wayfinding" serves as a knowledge toolkit for all those who are interested in and concerned with signage.

Contractor: The Saints

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Kids Calendar

The first calendar for children between 5 and 12 years! Kids can fill in the calendar in a playful way.

Contractor: Kids Calendar

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With Chainr, you can capture various forms of multimedia and link them together to make a stream of information.

Contractor: Chainr

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BART San Francisco

Offline GPS map with all 5 BART lines of the Bay Area, including realtime data provided by BART.

Contractor: Infomaps

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Metro Washington DC

Offline GPS map with all 5 Metro lines of Washington DC and Railway connections, including realtime (WMATA) data.

Contractor: Infomaps

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Railway NL

Travelling by train in the Netherlands. With GPS scheduler (from nearest station) and actual departures (by NS-mobile).

Contractor: Infomaps

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Infomaps (Tourist) Amsterdam

Tourist guide with 150 hotspots linked to public transport connections. All inside one App!

Contractor: Infomaps

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MoneYou Beleggen

This app provides a real time insight in your online investment portfolio with MoneYou.

Contractor: MoneYou

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Enables real-time location-based Content and Community services.

Contractor: bliin